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#1 Will and Trust

A sarcophagus can be created containing all of the credentials/private keys to your wallet. Then it is set to release on a renewable timer(you determine the time length), to the destination of your choosing.

#2 Emergency Communication

"Hiking Trip"

You go Hiking. To preserve privacy, but remain safe, you set a sarcophagus with your location and contact information. If you do not return from the trip, or reset the timer, the info is released, and notifies concerned parties.

#3 College Savings Fund/Time Capsule

Locked savings for kids college.Throw some (insert coin) into a wallet and entomb the Private Key for 18(or so) years. Imagine the value when the key is finally unwrapped. Might fund college, a house, and some savings all in one.

#4 Password Recovery

This protocol can be used on the backend of a wallet as access assurance. If you fail to login/access your wallet in the selected time frame, the information to reclaim it would be released to your chosen destination.

#5 Journalism On Sarcophagus

In this use case, a journalist writes a story for publication in the future, and sets the resurrection time of a Sarcophagus according to this. The private key of the recipient wallet is then publicly posted for people to access

Once the Sarcophagus containing the Publication is ready for release, anyone using the intended wallet can access the data from the tomb. You simply open the wallet, connect to the tomb, and download the file.

No gas is needed to download the file, so there is no risk in having multiple users access this wallet using the private key. The publication is now forever on the blockchain, and cannot be removed or deleted.

A few of the Use Case Scenarios for Sarcophagus

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